The SRFI Conducts Various Activities during the Year

  • Coaching camps.
  • Tournaments (National & International).
  • Daily training at the Indian Squash Academy.
  • Referee Clinics.
  • Participates in International competitions.
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 diploma courses.

Summary of Long Term Development Plan

Squash is a physically and mentally demanding sport. Players have to constantly monitor their health so as to be able to give the maximum effort during training. The overall fitness level of our players is average and the “psychological fitness” of most of our players is below average. Efforts will be made to enhance both these important ingredients. As for the technical and tactical components, players will require, in addition to regular structured training, constant exposure to tournaments at home and abroad. Professional players must also be continuously brought in for sparring and training.

Coaches have been identified to handle squads on a long-term basis. More players will have to be encouraged to join PSA and Wispa and be full time professionals. In the long run we will not be able to sustain some of the good results we have achieved so far, or even go for better results if we are going to rely on only a few full time players. Like the top squash playing nations in the world we will need more full time squash players. With the co-operation from the Indian Government and sponsors we should make attractive packages to coax potential “star players” to commit 4 – 5 years at least to full time squash.

In a nutshell, the preparation of our players will involve training at home, and or abroad, sparring with invited professionals, going on tours and playing in competitions. A handful of players will be earmarked and put on a fast track. These are ‘talented players’ who will be part of a special project squad. Coaches, to help them excel at the international level, quicker than the rest, will give them personal attention.